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Before your treatment

Have an idea about what you would like before you attend your treatment, there are five main styles of a bikini wax:

  1. Hollywood (Completely Bare).
  2. Brazilian (Strip).
  3. G-String (Thong Wax).
  4. Californian (Extended Bikini).
  5. Standard Bikini (Clean Sides).

After your treatment

  • DO wear loose cotton clothing.
  • DO apply after wax lotion/oil to soothe the area.
  • DO use Ingrown X-it spray solution.
  • DO NOT exercise/take a hot shower or bath within 24 hours.
  • DO NOT apply perfume to the area.
  • DO NOT use a sun bed or sunbathe.
  • AVOID swimming and other exercise.
  • AVOID sexual activity.
  • AVOID touching the area excessively.